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The Red Horse Is Leaving

Inspired by the journals of Thaya Whitten, a Nova Scotian painter, performance artist and musician, "The Red Horse is Leaving" travels through the dangerous territory of creative inspiration, sacrifice and clinical madness in the pursuit of artistic excellence and beauty. A theatrical duet integrating biosensorswritten by Erika Batdorf, directed and choreographed by Kate Digby.

Performed by Erika Batdorf and Kate Gordon OR Zoe Sweet; Dramaturgy by: Iris Turcott; Digital technology and Sound by Mark-David Hosale; Costume Designed by Mark-David Hosale and Sylvia Defend; Music Composed by J. Rigzin Tute; Digital technology collaborator by Omar Khan; Digital technology assistant Filiz Eryilmaz; Stage Managed by Anastasiya Popova, Costume Design Assistant Joyce Padua; Original Production Directed by Todd Hammond. Biosensors by BIOPAC; Biosensor Technology by Alan Macy; Produced by Moleman Productions 

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